One of the unique qualities of precious metals and probably the one I find most impressive, is the capacity to transform its shape and form without affecting its characteristics.

Throughout the history of jewelry, trends have changed over time, in certain cases the designs have kept their timeless look to fit the current style. However, some trends have not translated into today’s contemporary world. The good news is that the material (gold and gems) will maintain its value making it possible to re-invent a new piece that adapts to your own taste and lifestyle.

When re-designing, I evaluate the materials, precious metals and gems and use that material to transform it into a new piece of jewelry.To make this process possible, I follow a few steps in order for the customer to get to the desired outcome.

The first step is a general consultation and evaluation.The standard fee
is $100. The process starts with a meeting with the customer to better understand what he or she may want for the finished jewelry. I chemically test the type of precious metal and the karat weight of each piece of jewelry. I need to verify the authenticity of the stones, which is very important to the process. In larger stones it is necessary to verify not only the authenticity
of the gems, but the possible enhancement treatments (the gems will be verified with a certified gemologist), which has an additional cost of $25 per stone. I conclude this process with a report for each individual piece with my personal observations.


In the second step the selected merchandise needs to go thru a process of disassemble, unsetting stones, melting, assaying and refining. In this process, there will be a 10% loss of the total karat weight.The price (only once) per batch, is $200 from 10 to 60 grams (24 K) and $250 from 60 grams (24 k). Certain stones might need to be re-polished or even re-cut if they have chips or deep scratches.The price for refurbishing stones depends on each individual stone and will need to be appraised before doing the work.


The final step includes a simple sketch or a mood board.Working mutually with the client, we can make adjustments to the finished item, if requested. Once the idea is clear and accepted, I will present a CAD-CAM render
and an estimate.The cost of the design varies from $120 dls to $350 dls depending in the complexity of the design. If the jewelry is made, this fee will be waived.Timewise, each individual jewel varies depending of the type of work needed, from 10 to 25 days.

We also offer an Appraisal Certificate from a third-party company that is certified by the American Appraisal Association for insurance purposes.The price of the report is set by the Appraisal Company and has an approximate cost of $150.

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